About Titan Heavy Transport

Titan Heavy Transport (UK) Limited (Titan) specialises in movement of heavy loads using multi-wheeled Self Propelled Modular Transporter trailers (SPMT trailers) and other equipment as required by major construction projects. The company was formed in 2010 but grew out of the transport and maintenance division of the Swan Hunter shipyard in Newcastle upon Tyne which had been active in shipbuilding and offshore oil & gas construction for a decade previously.

The management and staff of Titan were previously responsible for all yard movements of heavy units and ship sections over a period of more than 10 years using the equipment currently operating within the company. The company operates mainly in the offshore oil & gas and civil construction arenas and is responsible generally for the transportation phases of projects and for the most part operates under a subcontract arrangement to main contractors. Therefore, the organisation is based upon a very efficient multi-discipline arrangement with short lines of communication and delegated responsibility.

Titan Heavy Lifting was created to aid the supply and maintenance of specialist lifting equipment, and support craneage and transportation services on the Tyne, offering cost-effective and reliable heavy lift solutions to a global portfolio of clients.

Our policies and certification can be found here.