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Project Solutions

Titan Heavy Transport can take responsibility for the complete management and overseeing of the logistical requirements of almost any heavy move project – either in the UK or Worldwide. Working in conjunction with our locally based engineering partners and design teams, we can compile complete project management solutions for a wide and diverse range of heavy movement projects.

To manage the requirements of each individual project, TITAN Heavy Transport supply a project specific management team that has the required resources to meet the demands and challenges that will no doubt arise. TITAN provides extensive training and support to ensure all our staff are capable of operating a safe, efficient & professional service.

Extensive project management experience allow TITAN Heavy Transport to sucessfully undertake high-value, high-profile, long-term heavy movement and installation projects on time, on budget and with the highest quality.

Our Trailers in Action


The operations of the company cover management, engineering, provision & operation of equipment for transporting of heavy loads. For each specific project an installation manual is prepared incorporating all the necessary areas to safely and efficiently complete the services undertaken by the company. The installation manual will normally cover the following format but may deviate dependent upon project specifics:

  • Organisation, Contacts & Communication
  • Work Description
  • Proposed Equipment
  • Schedule of Operations
  • Site Details
  • Preparations
  • Safety & Quality Procedures
  • Method Statements
  • Risk Analysis
  • Engineering & Reference Drawings
  • Calculations & Specifications