Technical and Specs


The company operates a fleet of KAMAG SPMTs and other associated lifting equipment, details of which can be found in our Titan company brochure. These units generally come in six axle units with dimensions of approx. 8.5m x 2.4m x 1.15m height and a self weight of approx 24 tons. The exact number and arrangement of trailers will vary depending upon project requirements and full details will be provided in the project installation manual. The SPMT units are normally delivered to the site using conventional road legal flat bed trailers and the client or site operator will be required to provide craneage for offloading and assembly. Titan will provide rigging drawings, weights and dimensions for the Client to safely provide lifting slings and offloading craneage which shall be documented in the installation manual.

Tadano Faun ATF 220G-5 Crane Spec

Terex Demag AC100 Spec

KAMAG 2406 HS 4 E (below)

Trailer Type KAMAG 2406 HS 4 E
Trailer Weight (excl. Power Pack) 26,000kg (approx) – 4/2 Line
Trailer Weight (excl. Power Pack) 26,000kg (approx) – 4/2 Line
24,000kg (approx) – 6 Line
Payload 180,000kg (approx)
Total Weight 204,000kg (approx)
Number of Wheel Bogies 12
Max. Load per Wheel Bogie 15,000kg
Number of Driven Axles 4
Number of Braked Axles 6
Number of Free Wheels 2
Tyres (Continental) 24 x 355/65-15 PR 24
Tyre Pressure (cold) 10 bar
Max. Speed (Normal Drive) 5 km/h (approx)
Min. Height of Platform 1,200mm
Max. Height of Platform 1,800mm
Max. Lift 8,400mm
Number of Braked Axles 6
Length of Platform 8,400mm
Width of Platform 2,230mm
Wheel Base 2,430m